Wills and Trusts in Plain Englishsm is the online home of Lexington, MA attorney and author Joel Bernstein

I work with Massachusetts residents to make their estate planning as understandable as possible.   It's detailed and personalized - but not overwhelming.   I've been focused on this for about 20 years.

Instead of seeking only the wealthiest of clients, I've sought a broader spectrum of the Middle Class. To help them deal with family issues and reducing taxes.

So, instead of a goal of seeking ever more wealthy clients,  I've approached the topic in a different way:

My overriding goal is to stay in touch with estate planning clients over several decades. To maintain an on-going relationship with an ever increasing  group of  clients.

  • We've communicated with clients at least 3 times each year for the last 20 years, with ideas of how other clients are facing common situations (no names). 

While my forte is the revocable living trust, I use simple wills or more advanced techniques when needed. Advance medical directives, like living wills and health care proxies, are also used.

Living Trusts in Massachusetts (also called Revocable Trusts) to Lower Estate Taxes

As an estate lawyer in Lexington, Massachusetts, I primarily use living trusts, revocable trusts, simple wills and related documents.  When needed in a MA estate plan, I add MA irrevocable trusts, Supplemental Needs Trusts, Medicaid trusts, life insurance trusts, LLC and other tools of the trade.

I've been mentioned for my work by noted Professor Charles Rounds in the well-respected 115 year old treatise Loring and Rounds: A Trustee's Handbook.

Here's a recent letter our office sent to clients, showing my unique approach to keeping clients estate planning up to date through over 20 years in this field.  I am pleased to be a Massachusetts revocable trust attorney.


The Appointments

Want to get your first will or trust? Or just improve your existing estate planning documents?

Registration is now open for initial meetings. It is in-depth and educational.

  • Each Wednesday - 8 am to 7 pm

    It takes about an hour, more or less. For more details.

    For questions about Lexington, MA estate planning give us a call at 781 863-8606.

    The Documents

     Living Trust: A document that avoids probate in the courts. And can save estate taxes when used right.  Ours is easier to read and understand.

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     Wills: When no trust provision is needed. You can use a will to state who will be in charge of your affairs AND your children if minors.

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    Power of Attorney: Gives another person the power to sign your name. Useful when the unexpected happens.



     Health Care Proxy: The document we use in Massachusetts estate planning for health care purposes. Living wills are used in other states and are similar to our MA health care proxy forms.